In today’s social climate, Security is a matter not to be taken lightly. Citadel Investigations and Security offers a broad range of security services. From armed and unarmed uniformed to plainclothes security personnel, we offer and extend the value of our services to you for your individualized security need.

We believe in structuring long-lasting and economically sound partnerships that deliver true value to our clients and we are always open to added relationships of the same ethical caliber who share in this common goal..

At Citadel Security and Investigations our contract security officers are a core of our fundamental business. Therefore we ensure that our officers are qualified security specialists, as well as trained customer service professionals. Regardless of their position or job function, each member of the Citadel team knows that you and your company assets are of the highest level of importance. All of our employees are completely committed to treating you, our valued customer with respect and dignity. Seven days a week and 24 hours a day, Citadel Investigations and Security employees go forth with the knowledge and skills developed through a unique training program designed to provide you with the most complete sense of security in the Permian Basin.

Training is always a priority at Citadel Investigations and security. We have developed one of the most comprehensive training programs in the area and are in full compliance with government mandated training. In addition to government mandated training, all of our security officers receive additional site-specific training, which focuses on familiarizing them with standard operational procedures, and emergency response procedures at our client’s facilities.
Because Citadel Investigations and Security is a full service security and investigative company, our resources and flexibility are unlimited and unmatched in the region. Regardless of your security needs, single or multiple sights, short term or extended coverage, we can develop and implement the appropriate level of security services required.

Citadel Investigation and Security offers a variety of security services designed to meet all your needs, accomplish your goals and provide you the highest level of security and safety.